Eagle's Invasion of the Archipelago

A collection of photos from the game Ravenfield.

A squad boards a RHIB in preparation for the invasion.

A squad leaves the carrier's dock.

The invasion begins.

An assault boat supports the landing troops.

A red gunner, protected by his squadmate, shoots at a Blue attack plane.

A Raven bomber banks away from flak fire as Eagle RHIBs land on the shore in the distance. The bomber was distroyed soon after the photo was captured by the missle in the bottom left corner of the photo.

This Red soldier is retreating back to the friendly Harbor after loosing his squadleader.

A soldier passes the remnants of a failed Eagle landing.

A squad leaves the Harbor to reinforfce the Outpost.

Two senteries cover friendlies moving across a bridge.

A Raven crosses the bridge towards an Eagle base.

A pair of Eagles patrol on a quad bike.

A quad bike races past two suprised Ravens as they run for cover.

This squad has spotted enemies is the distance but is holding fire.

A Raven MG jeep meets an Eagle squad and quad bike.

The Red jeep's occupants were killed by an Eagle MG jeep.

The Eagle jeep crosses the bridge towards the Raven's Outpost.

The jeep encounters a Raven fireteam.

The jeep turns towards the Raven's Harbor.

Ravens are shelled by an Eagle assault boat.

Raven attack plane looping around.

This Eagle tank has captured the harbor and is defending it, waiting for reenforcements to arrive. Soon after this photo was taken the Ravens destroyed the tank and recaptured the Harbor.

A squad watches over a base. Located to the east of the main island, this is where Eagle reenforcements land.

An Eagle squad moves up a hill.

A Raven covers his squadmate, waiting for him to get up after being thrown off his feet by a gernade.

Eagle forces advance across the bridge from the East island. This bridge is the only access on the East island to the main island.

A Red soldier flees from his helicopter after it was hit by a tank shell before takeoff. Notice the enemy tank in the background.

This Raven struggles to destroy an enemy tank in the Raven Airfield.

A crashed Raven helicopter. Both pilots bailed out and safely decended to the ground.

A helicopter leaving the Eagle carrier.

A fireteam boards a RHIB.

Two soldiers watching over their carrier.

A Raven spec-ops team heads to try and capture the Blue's carrier.

This soldier fell off the dock and is swimming back.

An unknown squad's landing and attack on the Harbor

The following photos were taken during this squad's attack on the Harbor. The squad's name or the names of the individuals are unknown.

On a RHIB headed for the hills to the East of the Harbor town. The squad leader is the one driving the boat.

The squad's landing point is located to the right of the flaming helicopter.

Bracing for the rough landing.

This soldier has taken point and is leading the men towards the main road into the Harbor.

Descending a hill to get into cover after taking fire from the rear.

The squad has been ambushed by a Raven patrol. Here, the marksman covers his squad as they retreat.

The squad is ambushed again as they climb the hill up to the road.

The last man standing tries to launch a rocket into the enemy group. He went down after this photo was taken.

The wiped squad's reenforcements clear out the remaining enemy units.

A MG jeep fires on a Raven sentry defending the Harbor.

Two Eagles guard the Outpost.

Another angle of the two.

A fireteam advances towards the Harbor.

High-res photos can be found here.